Here is a selection of letters recognising the contribution Hamish has made to awareness of stalking and harassment.

It is such a relief there is someone like you who is taking time to understand and try and help victims of a stalker. I thought I was over what happened, but flashbacks do still hit home and even though stalkers have moved on the victim finds it hard to do. Thank  you from myself and all the women who will benefit in the future.” – A student victim of stalking.

“You have no idea how grateful I am that someone does understand and can offer support. You know , when someone enters your life and takes away all security and control, to have someone help restore that is a great gift.” – A female victim of stalking.

Your work on stalking and harassment has broken new ground and brought protection to thousands of women. The award of an MBE is richly deserved.” – Sir Ian Blair, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Congratulations on the Investigator’s Guide to Stalking. It was very well received and will be a tremendous success and very helpful. Just what was needed.” – Diana Lamplugh, the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, National Charity for Personal Safety.

The MBE is certainly a tribute to your outstanding work and expertise in the specialised crime of stalking.” – Rene Chew, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Singapore Police Force.

Thank you for the extraordinary help and guidance you have given to the Helsinki Police Department’s domestic violence projects, stalking prevention and threat management training.” – Jukka Riikonen, Police Chief, Helsinki Police Department.

Hamish’s work in the field of stalking, harassment and violence risk assessment is to be commended.” – Wayne Maxey, Supervising Investigator, Special Operations Division, District Attorney’s Office, San Diego.