Spreading awareness of the scale and nature of stalking and harassment has lead Hamish to be involved with charity work to help victims of these crimes. He has an ongoing commitment to ChildLineto help explain the application of harassment legislation in child bullying cases.

Hamish Brown MBE anti bullying He is also an advisor to the charity Act Against Bullying, where he assists in raising the awareness of bullying. Hamish is pictured here speaking at the Act Against Bullying charity lunch at the Guard’s Club, Windsor Park.

Hamish addressed the Victim Support (Surrey) awareness day at the Surrey Police Headquarters , Mounte Brown, Guildford.

He also regularly speaks to volunteers at local Victim Support meetings. Here is a link to one of many letters of thanks he has received.

Hamish Brown MBE charity work
If you think Hamish can help your organisation which represents victims of crime, please contact him now.