About me

Ex Police Inspector Hamish Brown MBE

Hamish retired as a Detective Inspector in 2004 from the Specialist Crime Directorate at New Scotland Yard after over 30 years service with the Metropolitan Police. He had spent the vast majority of his career in the CID working in central London. He has considerable experience in dealing with rape, murder, contract killing and other serious and sensitive investigations.

A specialist in the offence of stalking and harassment, he is considered the United Kingdom’s acknowledged authority on the subject, expert in the interpretation, practice and application of legislation and an advisor on the formulation of UK policy.

He was awarded the MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to Victims of Harassment.

Over the years, he has received numerous letters of thanks from victims he has helped to organisations that he has advised.

The following is a small selection of those letters.

Experiences and attainments.

In 1997 (before the Protection from Harassment Act) successfully investigated a case of anonymous ‘stalking’ by letter. Brought one of the first prosecutions for Grievous Bodily Harm of the mind and was commended by the Crown Court trial judge and later by the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner for Leadership, Professionalism and Commitment.

High profile successful investigations and Old Bailey trials include the attempted murder, rape, and kidnapping of a victim and the conviction of the suspect for murder and attempted murder.

The victim was abducted at knife point by a stranger one morning as she made her way to work. She was taken to a squat where she was horrifically sexually assaulted, had her throat slit from ‘ear to ear’ (resulting in over 400 stitches) and then the room she was left in was set on fire to destroy scientific evidence. This was a prolonged investigation of national interest that resulted in the attacker being sentenced to 20 years imprisonment. Hamish was commended for his detective ability, tenacity and leadership.

Another case involved the manual strangulation and raping of two women in central London resulting in murder and attempted murder. The assailant was arrested after a protracted investigation and convicted at the Old Bailey and sentenced to life imprisonment. The case was unusual as the deceased was never identified and was the first murder conviction of an un-named victim.

Hamish was also commended by HM Coroner for Greater London, and by his local police commander, for detective ability and tenacity, for the complex investigation of a fatal fire.